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Join us for Easter Brunch from 10:00 to 3:00! Pre-Fixed Menu and Buffet included for $15.00. Kids ages 5-10 eat half off! Children 4 and under for only $4.00! Oh, and we have Mimosa pitchers for $15.00!
The Fire Is So Delightful

Jeez, everybody gets so freaked out about the "wind chill factor." That's all Chow, Baby heard last week: "Ooh, it's only 14 degrees outside - with the wind chill factor." "It's going to get down to 6 degrees tonight - with the wind chill factor." Where is this brutal wind you can't get away from? Are you up on one of Fort Worth's mountaintops, with gales whipping all around you? No, you're on a 10-second stroll from house to driveway, where the wind-shielded ambient temperature is a balmy high 20s. Pretend you live in Paris and throw on a chic scarf. Chow, Baby, meanwhile, is pretending that no one actually has to work outside in this weather, or wait at a bus stop, or will ever have car trouble on a semi-frozen road.

Fort Worth Business Press

Are you over Valentine's Day? Are you thinking, "If I see one more jewelry store commercial, box of chocolates or a vase of roses, I'm going to ban romance forever?" There is a lot of external pressure to be the best Valentine possible. But, it's over now. We can all take a collective sigh.

However, it doesn't mean you have to stop being a great partner. Isn't it really about the small things? The "I got you this for no reason" gifts and the "Just thinking about you" text or e-mail are really what it's all about. No one says it has to be a five-star restaurant every week. In fact, just a little time alone at a local hole-in-the-wall would suffice. A place where you can go if you two just finished a long run or are running errands. Where they didn't care if you were in pajamas or your hair was up in a ponytail.